Morgantown Southern X

Morgantown Elite


Join the Crowd

Come join us and have a great time! Our friendly staff and fun atmosphere always make for a great time.

Cold Drink

We have the coldest drinks in town! Our bar stays stocked to make sure the drink you want is always at your fingertips.

Visit the Costume Shop

We keep a wide variety of bikinis, costumes, and accessories on-location.

Get In Touch!

Do you have a question? Maybe a comment? We want to hear what you have to say!

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We Offer

  • Girls!

    We strive to have the best girls in our clubs!

  • Music!

    Music is a big part of the atmosphere, and we have the best mix around!

  • Drinks!

    If you want it, we have it! We have a full selection of beer and liquor at every location.